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Picture of Ben Larsen

D'Angelo Duran

Youth Pastor

About D'Angelo

D'Angelo was born and raised in Greeley and as a member of Mosaic Church. D'Angelo has a major appreciation for worship through music and prayer. He enjoys spending much of his time in nature reading and listening to music. He loves being inspired by challenges in life to understand Jesus more, and to extend those lessons learned. D'Angelo has the privilege of serving Ignite Student Ministries every Wednesday as the youth pastor, and as a spiritual big brother for the next generation in our church. In addition to that, he also serves as a production and sound technician during Sunday services. D'Angelo is currently studying at The Mosaic School of Ministry towards a Pastoral Certification.

One major lesson he says he has learned from Jesus is this: "In order to love myself and anyone else the best that I possibly can, I must first love God."